My Journey Into Fountain Pens, Why I Use Them, and Why You Should Too

Wendy V. Blacke

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  1. Wendy,
    It’s gratifying to know I am not the only person in Canada unreasonably enamoured with Lamy Vista pens.

    My first fountain pen was a Cross Century II which I received as a gift. I use it (occasionally) at work, but I wanted another Real Pen for home with which I could write an in-character journal while playing Obduction (I get a bit carried away sometimes…).

    I looked online, but couldn’t find anything that I considered affordable. I looked at local stationary shops, but could only find disposable pens (I had already bought turquoise ink). Finally I found a little shop in downtown Toronto called B. Sleuth & Stateman, and they suggested the Lamy Vista to me.

    I adored it immediately. The faceted grip is just so perfectly comfortable; I have been able to write with it for hours without tiring. It even fills particularly cleanly!

    A few weeks ago I went back to B. Sleuth & Statesman and bought a second one. It’s a great pen.

    Thanks for writing. 🙂

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