To New Beginnings in 2017

What better time to set some new goals than at the beginning of the year? Sure, it’s corny and most New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside 15 seconds into the year, but I have a lot in the works and I think laying out a plan for them is helpful.

Editing My NovelRavenscrag is the name of the novel I completed for NaNoWriMo 2016. It’s a really cool story (at least I think so) but it needs a lot of work before it’s ready to be read. Writing quickly with your inner editor turned off is great for getting the words out, but they are far from perfect. Beginning in January, I’m giving myself 3 months to edit into a second draft. I don’t think I’ll need the full 3 months, but who knows? After that, I’ll be looking for beta readers to read it and give me some helpful feedback.

Another Novel? – I want to start another novel in 2017. I have no idea what it will be about yet, but I have a whole notebook filled with inspired little scribbles that I’ve been marking down this past year and some of them are just begging to be fleshed out.

Eating Healthier – The most cliché resolution of all, but I really want to stick with it this year for a healthier body and mind.

Consistent Meditation – I want to bring consistency to my meditation practice this year, meaning daily practice. I’m really wanting to make some progress in this area as things have been relatively stalled out for quite some time.

Spend Less Time on Social Media – This is one of the biggest time sucks for me. I spend too much time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. I find myself wound up in petty arguments or wasting hours just consuming meaningless drivel. In 2016 I started to spend more time reading and less time online, and this year I would like to continue that trend.

Regular Blogging – I missed writing regularly. A lot. My lack of regularly emptying my thoughts onto page contributed to the relapse in my mental illness last year. This year I’m bringing back regular content and making it a priority to post… dare I say daily? If not, then pretty close to it I think.

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