We’re All in Transition – Embracing Change

Do people change? I think there are always some aspects of ourselves that we can change, and others that are hard coded into our DNA. One thing that’s for certain is that each and every one of us is always evolving. We gather new information about the world and draw from our experiences, and we grow. Sometimes this happens slowly and gradually over the course of many years, and other times a significant event can cause us to change immediately the way we do things.

It’s common to be afraid of change and to reject it when possible. Most of us would be more comfortable if our lives were to remain static; everything in its place; predictable days. Most of us can also agree that would be pretty boring. When you’ve had a lot of negative change thrust upon you in your life, you eventually learn to just roll with it. Why resist change when it’s inevitable?

We all want to pursue happiness in our lives and most of us have goals that, once reached, will get us one step closer to just that. The perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect home, the perfect family, the perfect vacation… yet so many are afraid of the little changes that will bring them closer to reaching what they want.

Time and time again, I’ve watched people I care about (as well as myself) shy away from success in all aspects of life, and for what? Some may say it’s a fear of failure, others may say they’re more comfortable not taking any major risks. Some get caught up in their unhappy little lives the way they are because the familiarity of mediocrity is somehow more comfortable than taking a chance.

There is obvious appeal to wanting to stay in one place, but attempting to do so is only ever as successful as the deceit it takes to convince yourself that you’re not moving. Because the world doesn’t stop. Time ticks on. We’re all in transition, all of the time. When you allow yourself to become content with less, you’re creating your own tomb. You’re placing yourself in a cycle of being unhappy and unfulfilled, but never doing anything to change it.

Will there be obstacles? Absolutely. Any number of horrible things could happen to you in your life, and make you want to just give up; throw in the towel and settle for life in a box. You might get fired from your job, or the love of your life might leave without explanation, or a loved one may die. You could have an addiction or otherwise poor health. You could suffer any number of accidents, bad luck, broken hearts or rejections. You might look at any or all of these things as a reason to sit in a corner, cross your arms, and refuse to see any potential in your life.


You could stand. You could learn and grow and adapt. You could use these negative circumstances as an excuse to try something different this time. Step outside your box and smell the fresh air, ripe with opportunities if only you’d recognize and reach for them. As long as your heart still pumps blood, you have the ability to change your circumstances and create the life you want for yourself.

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